Websoft DevelopersBroadband Installer & Customer Service August 2001 – June 2008

• Provided sales, installation and technical support for Dialup, DSL and T1 services.

• Acted as bridge between our operations, and counterparts at our wholesale partners, Pacific Bell/SBC Global/AT&T and New Edge Networks/Earthlink for presale/post sale issue resolution.

• Provided technical support to customers for issues involving their services, including email, newsgroup and FTP services for their personal web-space.

• Provided technical support for higher end clients of our GIS division. • Provided computer support and repair services for clients.

Sierra Advantage – Customer Service Manager July 2008 – January 2010

• Oversaw day to day management tasks for our call center for our WISP customers

• Handled call escalation for Billing and Customer Service, dispute and problem resolution.

• Performed Network Operations Center duties including system and network monitoring and after hours pager duty response. Inc – Technical Support January 2010 – March 2018

• Assisted the Technical Support manager with Tier2 escalations of billing and support calls

• Handed payment and past due collections calls.

• Provided technical support for WISP customers including internet, VoIP and email services.

• Worked with our engineering department to monitor and maintain our wireless network. Inc – Network Administrator March 2018 – Current

• Assisted Network Architect, and other Engineers with day to day Cisco & MikroTik tasks including port config changes, replacement switch configurations and troubleshooting various Layer 2 and Layer 3 issues. These utilized a variety of Cisco 3560 & 2960 switches, as well as MikroTik Cloud Core Router & Cloud Router Switches.

• Worked with our Wireless team to design and configure new links by providing the Network Layer of operations including VLAN and IP assignment, and final switch configuration.

• Assisted Director of Engineering in design, and deployment of a multi-site Azure Active Directory/Active Directory domain.

• Coordinated with System Administration team to convert company from Slack, to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange.

• Handled majority of day to day Microsoft Exchange, Teams, and SharePoint administrative tasks as part of Systems Administration team

• Handled majority of day to day Active Directory / Domain management as part of Systems Administration team.

• Handled purchasing, configuration, deployment and repair of over 86 Desktop, Laptop and Tablet systems for staff across 3 offices and multiple counties, using a variety of tools including Active Directory and Solar Winds MSP.

• Familiar with NTT Global collocation facilities in Sacramento CA.